Eagle Silver Dollar Mintage

Approximately 147 Million Eagle Silver Dollars were minted between 1986 -2006. Mint volume, and thus prices, of uncirculated and proof specimens have varied widely. Most dates are not particularly expensive ($15-$20 each), although some of the early 1990s proofs sell for over $100. Also, the special 1995W issue (30,125 sold) is worth several thousand dollars.

The 2006 Silver Eagle 20th Anniversary boxed set, with uncirculated, proof, and the previously-unreleased reverse proof pieces, had a maximum mintage of 250,000 and quickly sold out from the Mint at a catalog price of $100. It is selling for over $500 today.

The US Mint used Adolph Weinman’s design from the Peace silver dollars early in the 20th century. The Walking Liberty design has been one of the most popular coin designs ever from the US Mint. Therefore when deciding what to use for the face of the new American Eagle Silver Dollars Weinman’s design was an obvious choice. John Mercanti’s heraldic eagle was used for the reverse. Approximately 147 million Eagle silver dollars have been minted since 1986. Highly sought after silver eagle proofs minted at the West Point mint continue to see their prices climb.

silver eagle mintage