Eagle Silver Dollar

Buy an Eagle Silver Dollar and get a great investment not only for its silver value ; but also for it’s beautiful engraving of the Walking Liberty. It is described as a “bullion” coin because it’s 1 troy ounce silver content and use for bulk ownership. In other words, if you want to get hard silver to hold as an asset then bullion coins are the way to go.

I love them for the brilliant meticulous and beautiful design.

The obverse (face) of the Eagle Silver Dollar has a hopeful walking statue of liberty. This design is known as the ‘Walking Liberty’ . Adolph Weinman , world renowned sculptor/engraver, designed the Walking Liberty. Weinman designed her in motion with an outreached hand. She is hopeful and confident and walks into the future. The reverse side of the coin is a striking heraldic eagle designed by John Mercanti.

Silver American Eagle Dollars were first introduced in 1986 and have been produced ever since. Current prices are a premium over spot silver prices and the usual rules apply around production scarcity.

However high grades in these coins from PCGS or other grading service with see an increase in value at a rate greater than the spot silver prices. Even bullion in ungraded “brilliant uncirculated” condition will also drive a premium over time higher than local spot silver prices.

These are great gifts to commemorate a child’s birthday or even to commemorate your own birthday !

both sides silver eagle
obverse and reverse of the Eagle Silver Dollar